“This is the longest I’ve ever seen her sit still. She’s really listening to everything you do.” (Support worker comment)

Whether you support children with complex needs, autistic spectrum disorder, or severe and profound and multiple learning disabilities, music therapy can help. Having worked with children with complex needs for most of her 15 year career, music therapist Sarah has helped many children engage meaningfully in a therapeutic exchange and develop valuable skills.

A form of psychological therapy that is both accessible and meaningful, music therapy can help children make choices, express themselves, and develop and retain confidence and valuable skills.

Delivered by a highly trained and experienced professional, music therapy can help children listen, respond, take turns, make choices, and develop and retain important functional skills. As a psychological intervention, music therapy can help children process difficult experiences such as loss, grief, or unexpected change.

Music therapy can give a child something to anticipate and look forward to. It brings joy to many children and can hugely enhance quality of life.

Whether delivered to individuals or small groups, music therapy can help children grow and develop. Enquire now about half-day or full day booking for a term- or year-long music therapy interventions. Term or year-long projects include report writing for end of year reports, or IECHP paperwork, or evaluation using the Music Therapy Star should your setting require this.

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“He’s normally such a shy child, but he skipped all the way here, and I’ve just seen him skip all the way back to class.” (Teacher comment)

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